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Sailor Moon. Anaconda.


She is appalled both at the death threat and the poor spelling…

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I usually don’t do things like this but I felt this was the best way to pay tribute to my dear friend. August 19th will be 1 year since my friend Lee Thompson Young made his transition and to this day it is one of the hardest loses I’ve ever had to deal with. I was talking to his family recently and asked about the say “it” happened and still couldn’t wrap my mind around the whole situation. Then I saw a video of his funeral and didn’t recognize him. Still hard to even grasp. Growing up the only child and not hanging a good relationship with my parents I was pretty much alone a lot of the time. My close friends were my family, including Lee. He helped me so much when I decided to go into acting and was always there when I needed advice. One of the worst things about his passing was having someone who I was close with name Kwazi Henderson (@toky0_martian) disrespect my friend and make fun of the fact that I had all my friends had died. “You don’t have anymore friends right”. “They’re all gone right” was what this individual would tell me, among other things. This kind of evil I went through almost through me over the edge. But I still pressed on. I will continue to keep Lee with me wherever I go. Hope you’re resting easy my friend. Love, T.



We all just wanna get laid really


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I still don’t know what that is