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"The best relationships are the ones you don’t expect to be in, the ones you never saw coming."

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The Los Angeles Pobladores, or “townspeople,” were a group of 44 settlers and four soldiers from Mexico who established the famed city on this day in 1781 in what is now California. The settlers came from various Spanish castes, with over half of the group being of African descent.

Black people, kickstarting everything since, you know, people

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Happy Belated Birthday guy! So sorry I'm late!!

thank you


I usually don’t do things like this but I felt this was the best way to pay tribute to my dear friend. August 19th will be 1 year since my friend Lee Thompson Young made his transition and to this day it is one of the hardest loses I’ve ever had to deal with. I was talking to his family recently and asked about the say “it” happened and still couldn’t wrap my mind around the whole situation. Then I saw a video of his funeral and didn’t recognize him. Still hard to even grasp. Growing up the only child and not hanging a good relationship with my parents I was pretty much alone a lot of the time. My close friends were my family, including Lee. He helped me so much when I decided to go into acting and was always there when I needed advice. One of the worst things about his passing was having someone who I was close with name Kwazi Henderson (@toky0_martian) disrespect my friend and make fun of the fact that I had all my friends had died. “You don’t have anymore friends right”. “They’re all gone right” was what this individual would tell me, among other things. This kind of evil I went through almost through me over the edge. But I still pressed on. I will continue to keep Lee with me wherever I go. Hope you’re resting easy my friend. Love, T.

John Vachon, Times Square, 1943

John Vachon, Times Square, 1943

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About to head out


restoring faith in love

One day. I hope.

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"My heart is so tired."

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Heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis listening to a Victrola, 1940.

Merci girlsgonevinyl !

I want to recreate this picture

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